100% Sustainable Clownfish

We find it important that our fish have zero impact on our Oceans, that’s why we only offer 100% captive bred Picasso Clownfish.


What You See Is What You Get

Who wants to buy fish without seeing them first? Not us! All of our fish are WYSIWYG, so you know exactly what you are getting before you buy it.


Two Weeks Worry Free

Feel confident when you purchase through! We offer a full two week guarantee on all our clownfish.

Source of High End Picasso Clownfish is your single destination for all things Picasso clownfish! We offer a wide variety of Picasso clownfish – Helmet Picassos, Premium Picassos, Platinums, Percula, Onyx Picassos, and even Picasso Pairs! We work with some of the best clownfish suppliers and breeders in the industry to provide you with truly unique and healthy clownfish.

Picasso’s are beautiful fish which exhibit extra white mainly on their center stripe. Each individual fish is unique and hand-selected by experienced graders. These fish are graded on the amount of white present, the oddness of the striping, and the rarity of the markings. The Picasso variant occurs naturally in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea however it is exceptionally hard to find. All of our Picasso Clownfish are captive-bred and 100% sustainable.