Our Story

PicassoClownfish.com is an online retailer of high end and desirable Picasso clownfish. We started in 2016 importing and breeding select pairs of Bali Picassos. Our operation grew over time and we now offer Picasso clownfish from most of the top wholesalers and breeders in the industry.


Our mission is to provide a great customer experience for hobbyists looking for exceptional Picasso clownfish for their aquariums. We are hobbyist as well and take great pride in helping fellow hobbyist find that perfect clownfish.

Our Clownfish

We offer a wide variety of clownfish sorted by the uniqueness of their pattern. Picasso clownfish are sought after for their unique patterns of contrasting white, black, and orange. We work with an extensive group of wholesalers, breeders, and importers to offer only the healthiest and most beautiful clownfish.


In the Wild

Picasso clownfish occur naturally in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. They are exceptionally rare to find in the wild, but many have been imported into the United States. One of the earliest Picassos were imported to the breeders at ORA.

2004 - ORA Farm

ORA’s strain of Picassos originated in 2004 from a single wild male from the Solomon Islands, which was paired with a typical Onyx female. In subsequent years they have added additional wild collected Picassos into their breeding program.  Most Picasso clownfish in the industry can be traced back to ORA’s breeding program. 

2008 - Snowcasso™

Back in 2008 a breeder by the name Doni Marie of Doni’s Reef created the first  Helmet Picassos from a pair of ORA Picassos. Along with creating the Helmet Picasso variant, Doni also created the name Snowcasso™. Doni’s Snowcasso’s are still being bred by breeders. Doni closed in 2014 and transferred her fish and Snowcasso™ trademark to Tank Bred Aquatics.